We carry out a wide range of successful restoration planting projects to help restore the mauri of our forests, including:

  • Riparian management and protection
  • Weed replacement/suppression
  • Forest diversity and enhancement
  • Restoration and stabilisation plantings of bare land and coastal areas
  • Minimal intervention and natural succession regeneration regimes (e.g. on ex-plantation forestry sites)

We can manage these plantings from the planning stage to the point where the plantings no longer need maintenance and have developed canopy cover. In detail this includes:

  • Budgeting and required resources
  • Recommendations for irrigation and protection
  • Species selection
  • Plant sourcing
  • Site selection and placement of trees
  • Planting and protection (e.g. tree guards, weed mats)
  • Release from grasses and weeds
  • Ongoing maintenance

Community Tree Planting

We can also organise Community Planting days for ‘Friends of’ groups or similar land-care groups taking responsibility for the health of their local ecosystems. Assisting and empowering community groups by giving them the knowledge and ability to care for these places in the most effective and efficient way possible is a particular passion of ours.

Frequently Asked Questions - Revegetation

We excel in various types of restoration plantings, including riparian management, weed replacement/suppression, forest diversity enhancement, and the restoration of bare land and coastal areas. We also implement minimal intervention and natural succession regeneration regimes.

Our services cover the entire process, from planning to the point where plantings no longer require maintenance and have developed canopy cover. We offer guidance on budgeting, required resources, species selection, plant sourcing, site selection, planting, protection, and ongoing maintenance.

Yes, we can arrange Community Planting days for 'Friends of' groups and land-care organisations committed to the health of local ecosystems. We believe in empowering communities with knowledge and skills for effective ecosystem care.

We specialise in riparian management and protection plantings, utilising best practices to enhance and protect these vital ecosystems.

Absolutely. We provide recommendations for irrigation systems and protective measures, such as tree guards and weed mats, to ensure the success of your revegetation projects.

If you have inquiries about our revegetation services or wish to discuss a particular project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to restoring and enhancing natural environments through expert planting and maintenance.

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