Gunnera, Kaitawa

Project Overview

Since 2014/15, Kaitiaki has been involved in an ongoing project for Horizons Regional Council, removing Gunnera/Chilean rhubarb from farms in Kaitawa, to prevent their spread along the Tiraumea River, wetlands and other waterways. 

Gunnera/Chilean rhubarb, originating from South America, is an invasive green herb that forms large, dense colonies. The plant grows copious amounts of seeds, with each seed head able to produce up to 80,000 individual seeds. 

This results in the potential to invade any steep wet cliff area at the expense of indigenous habitat, and the ability to invade pastoral drains. 

Due to their ability to produce such large numbers of seeds, vigilant biosecurity measures and continuous control is needed to remove mature species and any subsequent growth from their seed bank.

Kaitiaki o te Ngahere | Ecological restoration and biosecurity

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