Pest Animal Control

We specialise in implementing animal pest control operations tailored to various project scales, recognising the integral role pest control plays in New Zealand’s conservation efforts.

Your project may be a small reserve or an entire catchment area that you would like to improve the health of. We can organise your trapping program from the initial cutting of the trap lines, building and laying out the traps or tracking tunnels, checking and maintaining trap lines, recording and reporting on trap catches.

Depending on your goals and resources, our level of involvement can be altered to suit you, e.g. we can run the whole project from start to finish, or set up lines that community group volunteers can check and maintain.

Past Pest Control Projects

Our involvement in pest control spans a diverse range of projects throughout the Nelson and Wellington regions. Notably, we conducted Argentine ant pre- and post-control surveys for the Marlborough District Council, demonstrating our expertise in setting up capture sites. More recently, we collaborated with the Te Ara Tupua Alliance to establish a trapping network, contributing to the successful translocation of lizards. 

We can provide educational sessions to train volunteers in various aspects of pest animal control, fostering a knowledgeable network of individuals dedicated to conservation efforts..

We also specialise in pest plant control.

Frequently Asked Questions - Pest Animal Control

Pest animal control involves managing invasive animal species, a crucial aspect of conservation in New Zealand. It helps improve the health of natural areas by reducing the impact of destructive pests.

We can implement pest animal control operations on various scales, whether it's a small reserve or an entire catchment area. Our services are adaptable to meet the needs of your project.

Our services cover all aspects, from cutting trap lines, building and laying traps or tracking tunnels, to checking and maintaining trap lines and reporting on trap catches.

Certainly. We can adjust our level of involvement to align with your specific goals and available resources. Whether you need full project management or lines set up for community group volunteers, we can accommodate your requirements.

Yes, we provide educational sessions to train volunteers in various aspects of pest animal control. We are committed to building capacity and knowledge in the community for effective pest management.

If you have enquiries about our pest animal control services or wish to discuss a particular project, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to helping you combat invasive animal species and protect your natural environment.

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