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Indigena Biosecurity - Our International Subsidiary Company

What is Indigena?

Founder of Kaitiaki o Ngahere, Bradley Myer, has also created Indigena Biosecurity International.

Indigena is committed to the conservation and restoration of the world’s natural areas through the provision of innovative specialist consulting and operational services. They specialise in the field of ecological management with a particular focus on the management of environmental pest plants.

Indigena’s strategic planning, mission statement, and values are all specifically designed to deliver cutting-edge technology and performance in this highly specialised field of work.

Frequently Asked Questions - Indigena Biosecurity International

Indigena Biosecurity International is an international subsidiary company founded by Bradley Myer, the founder of Kaitiaki o Ngahere. It is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of natural areas worldwide by offering specialised consulting and operational services.

Indigena specialises in ecological management, with a particular emphasis on addressing environmental pest plants. Their expertise lies in managing and controlling these invasive species to protect and restore natural ecosystems.

Indigena's approach is guided by strategic planning, a clear mission statement, and a set of core values that are tailored to deliver cutting-edge technology and performance in the specialised field of ecological management.

Indigena offers a range of services related to ecological management and pest plant control. These services may include consultation, planning, and operational solutions designed to address pest plant issues in various natural environments.

Indigena Biosecurity International is open to collaborations and partnerships on international conservation and restoration initiatives. If you have a project in mind or wish to inquire about their services, please feel free to contact them.

To stay informed about Indigena's projects, services, and contributions to international conservation efforts, you can visit their website or get in touch with them directly.

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